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“I know your face”

Artist: kristina
Artist's Description
Written for my father-in-law after he was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia. He died four years later. Written 03-15-1999 on my husband’s birthday while we were living in Maricopa, AZ on Ralston Rd.

Genre(s): Folk, Soundtrack, Contemporary Folk, Television Soundtrack
Mood(s): Dramatic, Flowing, Haunting, Sad, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Heartbreak, Info-mercial, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

“I know your face”

By kristina
Dear son, dear one
I know your face
I know your name
I try to speak
But the words won’t come
I try to reach,
But my hands forget

Dear son, dear one
Sometimes my head
Is brilliant with thought
I see you as a child again
Both of us in your backyard fort
Keeping us safe from the bandits

I know your face, I know your name, I know I love you...,

I watched you grow from boy to man,
I was stern and gruff, it was the style then.
Careful not to say too much or give too much away
That’s how fathers were expected to act
In those 1950’s days....

So, look at me now, I’m 78,
I live in a group home
Where I can’t wander away...
‘Cause most times I don’t know where I am
Or where i’ve been
(Or who I am)
Nothing looks familiar,
Yet nothing has changed....

But, I know your face and I know your name,
I try to speak, but the words won’t come
I try to reach, but my hands forget.....

But then you take my forgetful hands
And I look up into the eyes of a man,
Who’s not afraid to say too much
Or to give too much away.


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