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"My Flower"

Artist: La Ruester
Artist's Description
This a love song I wrote influenced by Seal.

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Love Songs, Film Soundtrack, Television Soundtrack
Mood(s): Anthemic, Calm, Dreamy, Easy, Flowing, Happy, Innocent, Leisurely, Light, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Pretty, Romantic, Simple, Soft, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Dramatic Soundtrack, TV Drama, TV Themes
Language(s): English
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Extended License:$2,000.00
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"My Flower"

By La Ruester
Song Title "My Flower"- lyrics and music written by Darwin LaRue Mayo II- Verse 1: Girl you know you're like a, flower to me/ I felt so alone now my, soul's flyin' free/ Take my hand and, together we will soar/ Love eternal, as one evermore/ Bridge: You are my only one, love ever strong/ We've been apart for so, so very long/ I've watched you bloom you see, since the beginning of time/ I found you again girl, won't you, please be mine/. Verse 2: Flower in the spring time or, flower in the fall/ I worry no more because your, love conquers all/ Do you believe that it's the, first time we've met?/ I told you last time girl. I"d never, ever forget. Music: G, A. Bridge: F,G,A,G written 8/2/1994


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