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Who's the fool

Artist: R.Orman
Artist's Description
About relationship slipping away unable to see the writing on the wall

Genre(s): Country, Pop, General Country, Classic Rock
Mood(s): Bitter, Dark, Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$200.00

Who's the fool

By R.Orman
Im alone again your out and about. When I ask what's up.

you say your controlling me your smothering me.

If I ask where you where.

you say you are trying to control me you are smothering me.

When I ask if there is someone else you say I’m being ridiculous.

When you whisper on the phone and I ask who was that, you say no one.

When I ask who you texting so late at night. You tell me it's your friend. You hesitate and say;

Stop trying to control me. Stop smothering me.

You tell me that there is no one else except for me you say stop

You are tryin to control me, you are smothering me.

I trust you are telling the truth but who is the fool.

I try to reach you. I try to talk to you

you tell me stop controlling me stop smothering me.

When I ask whats your plans you say not with you.

When I say I would like to spend some time with you. You tell me that would be nice. When I ask when.

You say stop controlling me stop smothering me.I'm left to wonder who's controlling who

Where has our bond gone we use to be together we used to have a bond
We are in trouble and I ask you to talk with me.
You say you aretrying to control me. you are smothering me.
When I tell you are pushing me away and we need to do something before it’s to late
You tell me its my fault if we are lost , You Tell me you don’t care anymore, your done with me But I should hang on, I should convince you to not feel controlled and that I am not smothering you.

You tell me your trying to control me you are smothering me
You are clearly unhappy I am not trying to control you I am not trying to smother you
I should move on but I can’t because I’m in love with you. I wished you loved me too.


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