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Artist: Brian Greve
Artist's Description
Motivation for the future

Genre(s): Folk, Alternative Country, Contemporary Folk, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Optimistic
Style(s): Future
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00


By Brian Greve
I think nothing lasts forever
Why do this forever to myself
I know I can't count on the weather
Not going to feather myself

Whats love, I just cannot figure
It must just be bigger than myself
Someday I will finally discover
There is such a lover for myself

I think i'm too optimistic
I don't wanna miss it for myself
I know if I keep myself happy
I'll keep on laughing at myself

Where am I on this planet we live in
Which I keep on giving myself
Someday I will finally find her
Hug her and bind her to myself

I think I will never run hollow
But I will not follow myself
I know if I go on strong
There will be no wrong for myself

Why do I cry every night
No need to fight myself
Somehow I just need my patience
And I will find my gracious for myself

I think my heart beats so hard
I cannot discard myself
I know when i'm down on my knee
I'll do what I please for myself

And who am I to push along traffic
I can't create magic for myself
Someday i'll stumble upon it
Awaited so long its for myself


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