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The Gemologist

Artist: J.R. Mallard
Artist's Description
One of my personal all-time favourites, this one is about a guy and his life-long quest for his one 'perfect gem'. I started writing this lyric, then had to leave it aside for awhile and picked it up a few years later when the inspiration started flowing again. I always enjoy writing from a male perspective, and I also like the unconventional structure of the lyric.
*"C'est toi que j'aime" is French for "It's you that I love".
**"Plato's story" refers to the philosopher's story on soulmates (that Humans were once androgynous, but the male and female halves were separated as punishment, leaving each to yearn for its "missing half".)
***The "taiji" is the circle comprised of both yin and yang.
Male vocals. Love quest.

Genre(s): Pop
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Optimistic, Positive, Romantic
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.33
Extended License:$101.65

The Gemologist

By J.R. Mallard
The Gemologist

Stranger in a town
Unfamiliar to me
I travelled the Earth around
Through lands, skies and deep seas
Like an adventurer
Like a missionary
Tracking his true lover
Guided by faith only

My golden girl
My diamond queen
Where in the world
Are you hiding?

Loner in a crowd
Oblivious to me
I scan faces all around
For one pearl in the sea
Like the buried treasures
Of archeologists
With the patient structure
Of a gemologist

Queen of my heart
Girl of my dreams
I tried so hard
For many years
Do dreams come true?
Is true love real?

Diamond in the rough
Rarest thing of beauty
I have my map and my cross
And continue searching
My magnifying glass
And my notepad handy
And when we meet at last
These are the words you’ll hear

Oh, when we meet at last
These are the words I’ll speak

My sparkling gem
Oh, you blind me
C’est toi que j’aime
You’re all I see
I look at you
And I see me

My perfect gem
It’s Plato’s story
The yin and yang
The full taiji
I am for you
And you’re for me

Oh, stranger in a town
Oblivious to me
I travel the Earth around
For one pearl in the sea...

My golden girl
My diamond queen
Where in the world
Are you hiding?

J.R. Mallard 22/03/2018


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