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F A L L I N'

Artist: PS101--Dvir Chebron
Artist's Description
Out of the country -woods to the city- jungle....Sometimes I want to go back but I just keep on pushing. It's definitely not what I thought it would be. Can somebody please help me up? This is crazy....This is really CRAZE!

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Christian Rap, General Religious
Mood(s): Aggressive, Galloping
Style(s): Action Adventure, Inspirational/Christian, Motivational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

F A L L I N'

By PS101--Dvir Chebron
Fallin'...Fallin'...Fallin'...Fallin'...(Repeat 2x's)

Lord knows, yeah it's cold out here
Lord knows most these youngsters won't make it old out here
Lord knows Lord knows please hear may
Got me screaming' my words at'cha so you hear me out there
Out here, so please bless the words that I speak
I need yA-Guidance now like a shepherd herding his sheep
No mercy in these, streets, pains burdening me
And Lord knows Lord knows that it's murderin' me
Inside, I search within me but answers I can't grip
The brotha told me you're the only-from misery to bliss
But it ain't easy, feels like O.b trapped in a haze
The wrath of my ways got me falling on a path to the grave
Rackin' my brain spent so many years actin insane
I was born in storms I had no choice but stand in this rain
Alors knows that I must climb out this downward spiral
So I'm asking' you forgiveness as I pick up this Bible
Because I'm Fallin'


Thank you for love and understanding...standin'...standin'
Thank you for love and understanding...standin'...standin'
I was usually actin ou brutally
Anger fueling' me, now I'm what you do to me
Speaking fluently, truthfully with my accent
Spittin' how you're all my hard times past tense
And it's real, from Gensis to Revelation
Some call it a religion, but I call it education
I was an animal, and found a way to mellow it
I asked for a sigh and you gave me fellowship
Those who know me, know that to saved my life
I finally found the reason why you gifted me to blaze the mic
I'm aimin' high, shootin' for it like free throws
Giving you the credit every time I speak flows
Because though the worlds full of hatin' and scammin'
And even though th I use to pack a cannon and feel abandoned
I found comfort in your
Love and understanding --standin' --standin'
Thank you for love and understanding'--standin'--standin'


I went from negligence as a neighborhood nemesis
Hit metamorphosis--now I'm dissection' Testaments
Respect and reflection it quickly eject the devilish
Detect the messages found the wisdom is limitless
Now I see through the frivolous, sinning' and wickedness
In the land of the sick I seen the lamb in the mist
Now I'm free, Lord Father I'm grateful
Use to hateful--now I watching' my faith grow
Now I sing of your mercy and I'm giving you thanks
Givin' me determination, perseverance and strength
And givin' me your guidance when I needed you most
Lifted me out the violence right before I was Ghost
Giving me a sign, showing me you were there
Lord knows, Lord knows please hear my prayer
You seen me fallin' now I'm rising and changin'
You seen me fallin' now I m rising, Amen



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