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Artist: Dante Storm
Artist's Description
A song all about stress and its effects on people and their minds. Written in first person. Fast paced and flowing, one long freestyle with no breaks. Quick lyrics with sombre melody.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Bitter, Complex, Dark, Determined, Fast, Flowing, Tension, Thoughtful
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$30.00
Extended License:$50.00


By Dante Storm
It’s buzzing in my brain, making me feel insane,
No peace can I attain, falling down this drain,
The anger builds inside, stabbing at my pride,
And although I’ve tried, I cannot hide,
It all just piles on,
I’ve tried putting smiles on,
I want it to be gone,
Need an ounce of relief just one,
Stupid stress stealing my soul,
Harvesting horrifically hollowing a hole,
Cutting callously causing a consciousness of cold,
Tearing terribly terrible truth to be told,
This stress is bubbling up,
Causing me to fill a cup,
Little something to take the edge off, really just need to calm down,
All this craziness around me, I can’t hear a fxxxing sound,
I just hear everything, all comes at once,
Nothings ever clear, feeling like a fxxxing dunce,
Feeling so senseless, acting so reckless,
Actions are defenceless, bring on the hecklers,
I’ll tear you apart, leave you neckless,
Rip out your heart, turn it into a necklace,
You’re all pissing me off, you don’t listen at all,
Can’t get through, talking to a brick wall,
No matter if they try, they don’t understand,
No matter how much stress they apply, they don’t offer a hand,
Their stress is an endless supply, and I can’t meet the demand,
Now my brains starting to fry, this isn’t how I planned,
It’s not how its supposed to go, letting my emotions show,
Maybe I’ve started to grow, digging it all up like a hoe,
Couldn’t comprehend I didn’t know, what to do when I got low,
So I take and deliver yet another blow, line after line row after row,
Wondering what else I owe, rhyme after rhyme through it all though,
I kept leading I did not follow, I am not empty I am not hollow,
Feel all the pain all the sorrow, got to sleep feel it all tomorrow,
Wish that I could just throw, all this shit out the window,
See some people walk up hello, anyone got some happiness I could borrow,
Stress getting me down,
Heads too heavy take off the crown,
Drop the world off my shoulder, stop being such a soldier,
Pinned down by this boulder, can’t breathe I’m getting colder,
Using this stress to heat me up, at the same time letting it beat me up,
It fuels the fire, taking me higher, so I’m someone I admire, but this feeling is dire,
Try not to be a liar, I will never be a crier, but my mouths getting drier, and all that I desire,
Is the chance to chill out, but this is a peace drought,
Letting it all spill out, rather than just sit and pout,
Get it all off my chest, allow myself some rest,
This stress is a pest, feeling less and less like I am the best,
But I’m feeling restless, cold and breathless,
Shivering through my sweat vest, never winning best dressed,
I can’t think straight, let alone participate,
Can’t communicate, starting to dissipate,
They’re saying one day I’ll feel great, would you care to elaborate,
All I feel is hate, in my current state,
All they can do is berate, hitting me harder than a freight,
Still I feel I should close the gate, and stop all these dark feelings I create,
Cause it’s one long fight, every single night,
When I turn out the light, in comes my fright,
Try though as I might, I cannot smite,
This feeling that I don’t like, knocking me around like a kite,
Flailing around in the wind,
Waiting to be binned,
For just being broken,
I am no one’s token,
fxxx man I just need to breathe, sigh and relieve,
All this tension that I receive, remove bad thoughts that I perceive,
Maybe one day I’ll learn to grieve,
Till then I’ll try to wear my heart on my sleeve,
But I don’t know how, please show me now,
Cause all I do is blow out, and wipe the sweat from my brow,
Killing, kindness, K.Oing, kings,
Billing, blindness, blowing, bearings,
Stressed, sad, serious, struggle,
Messed, mad, mysterious, muddle,
In a confused mindset,
Wondering how many goals I’ve met,
Using this stress to keep me going,
Need to try can’t take not knowing,
So I’m gonna use this stress, to be the best,
I will not rest, till I possess, a golden crest, need to pass this test,
But before there’s nothing left, before I’ve caused my death,
And leave this world bereft, I need to stop and take a breath.


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