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Too deep for the outro

Artist: G'ovani
Artist's Description
This piece with be the final song to the project I'm working on. I gave it a little poetic touch to it. Need any material done, contact my email.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Complex, Flowing, Thoughtful
Style(s): Gospel Hour, Inspirational, Motivational
Language(s): English

Too deep for the outro

By G'ovani

Shine bright in the dark.
Play the ghost,
writing music,
moving smart.
Secluded from the world,
do it big,
play my part.
That's the way I like it,
off the radar and the charts.

My heart wasn't set on attention.
Make a living writing all these blessings.
Fueled by hard times,
constant stressing.
Money issues,
those who turned too life lessons.
I can keep going but nothing worth investing.

I got my mind on the future,
working hard in the present.
Use my past as motivation,
it keeps me fluorescent.
Cold winter nights,
things were always unpleasant.
Mother treated us like royalty but kept around a peasent.

A let down,
an anchor to the family.
I know we make mistakes but the same ones casually?
Despite the anger,
seeing you hurt was always sad to see.
Glad your on feet but don't use them too walk back to me.


There's more to the story under the cover to my book.
Don't judge it before you read it,
those the ones that have you hooked.
No pirates but only I can understand what it took.
The sacrifices I made,
opportunities over looked.

Too put my passion,
before my dreams.
Too put my purpose,
before the green.
Plenty sell outs on the scene.
Who only cares for money and material things.
Obsessed with a life,
that isn't what it seems.

Too different to be the same.
Too wise to play the game.
That wasn't meant for winners,
only meant for pain.
I don't do it for the pay,
or in it for the fame.
I do it for the youth and in it too make a change.

Brought a son to a world that needs guidance.
Too a world that promotes drugs and violence.
People dying left and right,
being put to silence.
We need more lessons in our messages,
it's not rocket science.


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