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Villains Cry Too

Artist: Mik Martin
Artist's Description
A satire on the downfalls of a math addict. Built on 4/4 time with a 100 BPM . A funny song set to country or bluegrass, great for livening up a set.

Genre(s): Folk, Bluegrass, Contemporary Folk
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright, Fun, Silly
Style(s): Druggy, Party
Language(s): English
Digital Download:$1.00
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$30.00

Villains Cry Too

By Mik Martin
Standin outside of drug court
With a bottle full of Boones farm
And half a mind to
Kick somebody's ass
Licked the liquor
From the bottom
Then I Broke the bottle
And lit me up a cigarette
I ain't going into drug court
And I sure as hell ain't going back to jail
So I found me a pay phone
Called my daddy and this is what I said
I don't care
They caught me cookin
Meth in the basement
I ain't the man they say I am
I did it for my family
Won't ya please believe me daddy
Let me hide at yer place
A couple weeks
I been hiding out in Caldwell
For a little too long now
And I'm starting to think that
Parma is the place
Starting to get cold out
And I wanna catch a Grey Hound
But that's three hundred dollars
I can't save
ChexSystems and Collections
Payday loans rejected
And I still don't qualify for ssi
Thought about robbin banks
Then I started cookin crank
Cause I wanna start a
Roofin company



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