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Funk Pop

Artist: Mik Martin
Artist's Description
Written to be a freestyle type rap for a party beat. Very underground and should have an upbeat feel. Fast rap could be used on mumble rap.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, Underground Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Bouncy, Confident, Energetic, Flowing
Style(s): Nostalgic, Party
Language(s): English
Digital Download:$1.00
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$30.00

Funk Pop

By Mik Martin
Runnin from the fire
Worlds turnin
Streets are dire
Collect from the well
But the well got drier
Beat the pile driver
In my soap box
Named desire
Worlds my oyster
But I'm a frier
Tip toe keep close
To the live wire
Just before I snap
Holdin sixteen bank bags
Swervin down the freeway
In a Cadillac
Robot got my back
Watch my stack
Cause I'm swearin to Sampson
I'm under attack

Duct tape rips
As the needle slips
From the gift of gab
Gave a radar blip
Word made it to the general
We reached another level
But that ended quick
Now I'm shiftin the stick
Lookin for the state line
No lights yet
Bluffin buyin time
But I called yer bet
So ya gonna save face
Or are ya gonna get flipped
Up to you kid
Dirt nap catch ya in the ditch

Under a clear blue sky
I'm the catcher in the rye
Staying just outside
That field of dreams
Where I live mine vicariously
Slowly circling the drain
Taken further down the spiral
Only to return again
With a temp like 451
Burnin through the pages
I'll never be done
With a will To live forever
Or December whatevers clever
Like I'm livin in the gallows
And leanin on the leaver
Waitin on the bottom to drop out
I'll be swingin singin hymns
With a scream and a shout
Similar to demon
That cannot dig down
Got a foot in my mouth
Taste better than crow
May be in the know
But I'm still in the cold
Give me the high hat
Lookin like a long tail cat
In a room full a rockin chair
Im the one with the sniper stare
Might be on thee roof
Could be behind the stairs
Steady stackin loot
Shadow boxin on a tare
Is it all aloof
Nope I got proof
Goin tooth for a tooth
Take an eye for an eye
You can't handle the truth
Cuz the truths been demonized


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