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The time of day

Artist: Franks Songs
Artist's Description
Thought provoking, complex, smooth story lyrics

Genre(s): Easy Listening, General Easy Listening
Mood(s): Bright, Calm, Cool, Complex
Style(s): Inspirational, Story
Language(s): NONE
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The time of day

By Franks Songs
Some people say they met a man
Who could not tell the time of day
The city said it was midnight
But the chyme said break of day

I asked him to explain
He said he could not say
But the workmen in the tower
They were working night and day

They said a wheel was broken
And two digits went astray
But they said that given time
Everything would be ok

The complications of portation
And a temper mental chyme
They said that that's the reason
Why they could not tell the time

So many moving parts
So much to keep in line
To syncronise each moment
With the digits and the time

And then to reconcile a day
An extra day that must be found
For the wheels to keep on turning
When a leap year comes around

And the complex calculations
That can and will appear
By the changing up an an hour
That changes twice a year

A meeting of the people
Was arranged to try and find
An answer to the problem
Of confusion with the time

On a cornerstone of rock
They built a simple plan
With aspects and a roadmap
That they could all could understand

They sent a letter to the depot
An emotional appeal for two replacement digits
And a reconstructed wheel
They said they sent a letter about a year ago

But still they haven't heard
And still they do not know
If the depot sent the digits
Did they say which way to go

Did they use a mode of transport
That is moving very slow
Did they send the wheel by rail
on an anchor to a spot

On a train that moved so fast
Could not find the time to stop
And the workmen still await
With expectation every day
And they say that given time
Everything will be ok

At another time I was in that town again
And as I looked around
Everything looked just the same
And then I heard a soothing sound
So precise and crystal clear
It was the music of the chyme
That was ringing in my ear

It was calling out the time
And everybody knew
That the time that it was calling
Was accurate and true

And the workmen in the tower
They were rejoicing everyday
For they knew that given time
Everything would be ok
They knew that given time
Everything would be ok


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