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Lying in Laziness

Artist: Zadri Gunhardi
Artist's Description
There is no happy thing ever than relax in your seat

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Mood Music, General Pop
Mood(s): Calm, Peaceful, Relaxed
Style(s): TV Themes, Western
Language(s): English
Standard License:$10.00
Extended License:$50.00

Lying in Laziness

By Zadri Gunhardi
This morning I remembered what I would do
When I got out of bed
I thought about my wish
On this blessed Sunday

The little dog pulled my blanket
Woke me up because of his ugly voice
I feel lazy to rise from my throne
If not the little angel peed on the soft bed

I do not want to travel today
I do not want to get out of this house
Doing everything as I like
Enjoy my freedom

Hi little dog, please get sofdrink from the cooler
Do not you used to help me?
Do not you used to picking up something?
Come on, do not be shy like that
Drinks that can keep us entertained
While watching your favorite show
But do not you drink ahead of me

Lie in front of the big screen in our house
Sit down, get up and then sit down again
How many bottles we have spent
We even forget
But leave it alone
Because today is our day of freedom
No one knows
Because today is a cool Sunday

You are my best friend
Feeling lazy to see you beat me
You repeatedly do it
Just laugh we do all day
Enjoy this relaxing time
As long as we can do


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