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Human Too (Refugee Song)

Artist: RipleyTiler
Artist's Description
Inspired by world events. This song will suit solo artists but can include a choir for the outro. I have the melody but lack the ability to uplaod it at present. Happy to discuss - Trev.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Emo, Mood Music, Pop Vocals, Contemporary Folk
Mood(s): Sad, Thoughtful
Style(s): Danger, Friendship, Humanity
Language(s): English
Standard License:$150.00
Extended License:$250.00

Human Too (Refugee Song)

By RipleyTiler
Verse 1
Papa do you think it’s time to go
Bombs are falling, don’t wanna catch that show
Papa do you think we’d better run
Devil’s coming, they say he’s moving in
Papa don’t look back , don’t want that image fixed upon your mind
Say goodbye to mama, and to baby brother and to all the others,
We’ve left behind

Verse 2
Papa climb on board, this boat is safe and sound
Though it cost the earth and there’s not much room to go round
Sea is calm, Poseidon’s arm has pulled us down
Good bye dear papa, say hello to mama, and to baby brother,
I’m left behind

Now to build myself a future in some far off foreign land
Will you accept me as your neighbour, will you take me by the hand
So to build myself a future, to carve myself a life
Will you shake my hand dear friend, or will you push me to the side

Verse 3
I need a job, I’d like a car, I want to earn my keep
A roof is good, at least a room for nightmare sleep
Am I entitled to the wanton things that please and comfort you
Will you take my hand my friend
I’m human too

Repeat chorus

Outro (choir)
Build a future
Building a future
Take my hand my friend
Carve myself a life
Build a future
Building a future
Look beneath the skin
I’m human too

Repeat and fade out


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