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Another night in Paradise

Artist: Caitlyn Callery
Artist's Description
Although I see this with a dance back beat, it could also be done ironically, such as The Eagles would do.

Genre(s): Latin, Pop, Disco
Mood(s): Dancing, Energetic, Fast, Upbeat
Style(s): Mardi Gras, Nightclub, Party
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$30.00

Another night in Paradise

By Caitlyn Callery
Maisie’s sitting meekly, shyest of the hens,
Jimmy’s acting carefully, tryin’ to set a trend.
An old man calls for whisky and promises a fight
Everything is yours, if you have the price
Of one more night…
Another night in Paradise.

Jimmy’s hot enough to melt ice cream,
Every head turns, everybody starts to dream.
No-one’s listening to the band,
They’re all following this man
In between the pleasure and the vice,
Promising a night in Paradise.

Maisie squeezes past, her body brushes his,
The quick burn sparks, and the air begins to fizz.
She sucks her thumb and takes her chance,
Draws him to her lethal dance,
He is watching every move she makes,
Giving just exactly what it takes.

And all around
It’s going down…

Barman shakes the cocktails, music’s getting loud,
Hens scream out excitedly, doing Bacchus proud.
Reputations won and lost on the throws of dice
They’re all enjoying one more night,
Another night…
Another night in Paradise.

They want to leave, but it is getting late,
There’s no way out, they can’t avoid their fate.
Don’t care about it any more,
Where it came from, what it’s for,
All they want now is one more night,
Another night…
Another night in Paradise.

And all around
It’s going down…

Maisie's on the table, dancing out of tune.
Jimmy's got his shirt undone, howling at the moon.
The old man complains his drink is watered down with ice
And we're all enjoying one more night,
Another night…
Another night in Paradise.


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