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All day

Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
More for the world lego

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Bollywood
Language(s): English

all day

By souloe
I went ham on these bitches all day x8
all day that's 24 hours keep bitches on me like they stay harness
her ass looking like a pumpkin and its a late harvest
the vip we in it you can say are nest supernovas so you no we stay are best
lose sharpness bitch stay far fetched we be all out mobbing
shots an game bar bets we steady popping bottles you can say bar vets
verse 1
I go ham you go Sodom I'm like damn look at her bottom
I might waddle but she wobble I'm like damn some mascoto
dreaming treez cj gibs aces still keep it chizz her babysitter keep her kids
at night clubs how we live to much givin in bitch its no dividin
all me all us want me call up now off to my benz off to my benz the v 10
throw another nigga on the track with me and imma spit atleast whats half in me
jack and some henny what I have in me syrup got him slow he aint fast is he
by the bureau still doed off the grass itchy palms cause I got alms
randing bread quickly off his head parameds tend to strand quickly
he a bitch cant stand when he piss get this mans titties
and I'm from napghanistan or the sand city comin even wit a plan ha damn victy
don't give a fxxx even if you a damn fifty 5 0 don't give a fxxx if your a damn 50
from me busting bullets should've ran with me now you bound for the ground in the land six feet
shoes untied and you cant trip me Halloween april fools but you cant trick me
not a fight ill shoot if I stand tipsy ya bitch a snitching psychic get this damn gypsy
not a sight for achild this no damn Disney big ass mouse big ass rat off ya mans mickey


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