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Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
Very ill gotta read it

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Bass Assault, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Bollywood
Language(s): English


By souloe
I remember I used to dream about shit solo I just need a queen on my dick
sippen crown royal loyal kings in this bitch swisher filled passing gas like its beans in this bitch
sickest yes palomino rarri an a jet sorry you work at hardees I would've took a tec to invest
richest of all nations I fxxx with the best horns up then we make work hard no rest
I don't trust em so they like fxxx me u say you ball with reductions with these racks I'm playing rugby
metaphors ugly carnivorous so I'm hungry freestyle better then what you written ham nigga no bologna
fresh in every photo best but a no show fxxxed around and got blessed now I tell ya chick tolo
tits out legs open tits out legs open your flow in good shape but your lyrics so broken
tits out legs open tits out legs open imma show you how I dive in her ocean real bitches wassup
she got that wild head all her head banger
heavy metal shit around my neck a ship anchor
she applaud with that ass I don't bow I just thank her
I'm the cause for all da gas yall aint smoked nothing stanker
blunt lit like franklin paid for the wrap bitch
lyrical genius I'm Einstein of the rap list
being Hollywood to ya hoiod wine and fine dine
I'm a trap bitch this aint columbine but get me pissed ill bust this gat quick
yall niggas puss in boots I never stepped in cat shit
high as hell shitting on em like some bat shit
bands up make em dance mr stacks get and throw money for his fans even the fat chicks
ahh and I'm a make this a habit cause fun and the finest I gotta have it and if I don't imma get it
ball no basket get at me


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