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My acronyms

Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
Very lyrical check it

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Cool
Style(s): Future
Language(s): English

my acronyms

By souloe
hook/ you just an accurate sim you got the swag and the rims
rapping the same shit ya adjectives are aggravating my acronyms /x4

verse 1 they didn't think id be an achiever unbelievers
left hoes got some divas thick booty and they got D cups
don't deal just blow pounds never re up on da reefer
speed up blow the meter no cheetah
queen her no latifa never enough
lustin and fxxxin they mugging
cause they pockets aint pudgy
obesity bands the man stand and hoes love it
I getta ripen and rapping
imagining a passion like Christ with some cash
they just nag about I just want throat
but if she fxxx I pull a magnum out
I take a route shaking em off
no taking no loss run my own shit
on my dental shit cause I stay so floss
bad chick fxxxin wit an I pay no cost
fxxx boy got a dick that's why his halo off
so turnt up I blow ya cable off
turn a country girl to astable fxxx
never bust in a slut haa disabled nut and haa bitch I'm paid so much

verse 2/see I aint gotta limit and I gotta get it if I gotta get it
gotta have it to live it let the witness be deminished
as my wallet replenish I'm at the finish but my business is extended
an I recommended that my moment last more then a minute
imma independent menace the way my flow be shitting
I should be mentioned in guiness in another demention I'm a rapping amendment
bar jotting apprentence formulating beat making I'm mixin my music like chemist I don't stick with a memic
I give the d to these chickens if these hoes lickin me lickin my stickity in em when I got up on the track I spit infinity venom
tell any editor or competitor they can take there similes with them but ill take there bitch and put my mini mi in em
an they can keep the remedy soon as my energy hit em


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