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In love with your design

Artist: G'ovani
Artist's Description
(Song finished on December 9th 12:30am)
Make sure you listen to the beat I attached to the song while you read it. Song starts when the beat drops.
Hope you all enjoy!

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B, General Hip Hop, Soul
Mood(s): Complex, Determined, Flowing, Romantic
Style(s): Story, TV Drama
Language(s): English

In love with your design

By G'ovani

You wanted me the way I needed you.
I'm being sincere,
girl if only you knew.
You took a broken heart and made it feel as good as new.
But you were scared to give me yours,
like I wasn't being true.

You have no clue,
what I would do to see you smile.
Everything about you is perfect,
from your beauty to your style.
I didn't want too see you go but the circumstances were vile.
I knew your time was limited,
but I was in denial.

Trying to fix something that couldn't be fixed,
without time.
Looking for a glitch,
so we can comfortably intertwine.
I'm in love with your design.
Your essence,
your state of mind.
Too bad I couldn't make you mine.

This story is twisted like barb wire.
The way it back fired like gun fire.
I tried to make it right before our time expired.
Invite you to my world,
build an empire.
Start from the bottom till we get higher and higher.


Turn you from a princess to a queen.
Take you away from reality and bring you to my lucid dream.
This is more than just a fling.
Or words to get in between.
I can't settle for a slice when I want the whole thing.
Together we can be a team.
No pastors or wedding rings.
Just you and me,
killing the scene.
Take pictures for memes.

Look clean in every one.
Looking like stars but we'll shine brighter than the sun.
We both came from the slums.
Where they sell drugs,
and pop guns.
I found my exit,
I would love if you can come.

Show you off to the world,
take you out to different places.
Introduce you to my fam and a couple of my aces.

Who always held me down when things looked rough.
They didn't judge me,
pushed me to the side,
or threw me under the bus.
Those people have my trust.
Building with them is a must.
Cause they had my back,
and didn't leave me in dust.


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