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Don't walk away

Artist: Shruti Modak
Artist's Description
Inspirational lyrics, mood booster, gives you the strength to keep treading the tough road you've embarked upon.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, General Country, General Easy Listening, Mood Music
Mood(s): Confident, Optimistic, Relaxed, Simple
Style(s): Future, Peace
Language(s): English
Standard License:$20.00
Extended License:$50.00

Don't walk away

By Shruti Modak
know it's easy to cry, and why not
I know you'd rather just say goodbye
And I know they say it's okay, and it is
But trust me babe, it pays to stay

Wait it out, but don't hold it in
You have one shoulder and that's
For all strength you can draw in
And You'd hate me for letting you quit today

Don't walk away, I know it hurts to stay
Face the pain; grow up for once
Don't waste it all in vain
No don't waste it all in vain.

When you look back on yesterday
My heart fills with pride at the path you tread
And just for that, I say today
Trust me babe, it pays to stay

And trouble will leave you, cause you've got the upper hand
And the light will find you, without you having to do the same old dance.

So, Don't walk away even if it hurts to stay
Face the gain ; Grow up for once
Don't waste it all in vain
No Don't waste it all away.


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