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Witness The Fall Of Me

Artist: Undefeated
Artist's Description
When your circumstances are out of your control,
and you just want to run from them, and you can't quite hide either.

Genre(s): Metal, General Metal, Heavy Metal
Mood(s): Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Heavy, Mellow, Sad
Style(s): Action Adventure, Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00
Extended License:$167.00

Witness The Fall Of Me

By Undefeated
Come to my world
I can show you things
You've never seen before
A little bit of agony
Sprinkled with metaphors

I’ll take you on a journey
Ending on a gurney
With a tag on your toe
Due to romance
A broken heart meant to dance
Has been taken by the toll

Come one come all
Witness the fall of me
Into the dark
She hit the mark
And brought me down

Enter my mind
You’ll have a good time
Ridicule my feelings
A little bit of memories
Blended with time and space

I’ll take you for a ride
Where I don’t want to hide
Can we make it a show?
It’s disturbing
How the world keeps turning
While I’m so hollow

Freedom comes with time and only
Time can mend my heart
I can try to find you but
I need a better start
Introducing, I’m producing
Feelings never understood

Can you help me?
Can you help me?


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