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On That Day

Artist: Geraldine is Taylor
Artist's Description
Includes poetic language

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, General Christian, Gospel
Mood(s): Bright, Confident, Flowing, Joyous
Style(s): Ballad, Celebration, Fairy Tales, Gospel Hour
Language(s): English
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On That Day

By Geraldine is Taylor
Verse 1
A divine design, a will aligned, of joy so wonderful
Sent from above, a mirror of, love unconditional
Set apart, reserved, a soulful merge, I know such fruit is rare
A vineyard with, such blossoming, His providential care

He thought of me, he thought of you
Blessings of a season, that only God could do
And on that day, faithfully
My whole life had changed

Verse 2
A special place, of majestic grace, I bring my loyalty
Oneness of soul, with a purposed goal, radiating royalty
In him abide, stood by your side, of more than an event
To so unite and glorify, a holy covenant

A meaningful journey, begins its course
Two becoming one, a dynamic force
A promising season, like the bliss of spring
Of such a splendid vine, such joy to bring
A treasured find, was made anew
From the moment I was revealed to you
Love that has the brightest kind of flame
So may our lives never remain the same


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©?


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