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Dive Bomb The System

Artist: Undefeated
Artist's Description
A song about some one caught up in the system
and bending it to their will

Genre(s): Rock, Hard Rock
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Energetic
Style(s): Action Adventure
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00
Extended License:$133.00

Dive Bomb The System

By Undefeated
Institutionalized isolation
Gotta mobilize my motivation
Just reached warp speed complications
Sacrificial phase of my intentions

I really need to break away
From these chains that bind me
Looking for some other way
Someday you may find me

Dive bomb the system
Breakneck speed
Better watch your system's
What I need
Gonna fly so high
Gonna sink so low
Dive bomb the system
Look out below

Demoralized obligations
Don't sympathize with my frustrations
Searching for long lost emancipation
For purposes of elucidation

I should be thankful I've got it all they say
Should be easy to have a ball no way
Sometimes I feel I should be in charge
But that would mean I am at large
I'll probably be here 'till my dying day


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