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Ex-Naive Socialist Blues

Artist: Asylum Avenue
Artist's Description
This is one two new pieces. I rushed to get it into "Ransom Notes on Sunny Days."

Genre(s): Rock, Art-Folk, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Bitter, Contrapuntal, Determined
Style(s): News/Corporate
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00

Ex-Naive Socialist Blues

By Asylum Avenue
I’m laughing at the Left and Right
I’m staying home to watch the fight
Don’t you know that I don’t care who wins?
I want a bloodbath, want a brawl
Want broken bodies to line the halls
This culture’s a voodoo doll and I’m the pin

I missed the plane that later crashed
Turned down offers for big, big cash
Craftily averted the coming ruse
Now I’m rooting from the side
I have no xenophobic pride
Just a case of ex-naïve socialist blues

Get me to the show on time,
Mr. Uber-friend-of-mine
Nothing matters in this here brave new world
To be alone is to be insane
You might as well be naked in the rain
Or making love to a busty magazine girl

When will anybody learn –
Only morons wait their turn
Cut in line or forever be accused
The system’s rigged and the pill is jagged
fxxxed-up as a bum is ragged
All dressed up in ex-naïve socialist blues

Now I complain, but I don’t mean it
I know the movie but I’ve never seen it
Though the actor calls to mind a certain Soviet goon
The kids today all know their lines
They’d never waste the Party’s time
Dispensing rhetoric that could come from a cartoon

You could be a rebel, too
Instead of huffing airplane glue
And scraping gum from the soles of your bourgeois shoes
Don’t you want to live in style
And live the high life for a while,
And put off those ex-naïve socialist blues?

You can’t put off those ex-naïve socialist blues.

© 2017 by K. C. Dovoric / Broken Pilgrim Songs


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