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Runaway daughter

Artist: Gordy
Artist's Description
This lyric is a plea from a father to his young daughter who has run away from home .

Genre(s): Country, Country Blues, General Country
Mood(s): Anxious, Sad
Style(s): Ballad
Language(s): English
Standard License:$67.00

Runaway daughter

By Gordy
Your fifteenth birthday was yesterday
Mother baked a cake,
She couldn't have a party
I thought her heart would break,
She keeps your photo in her hand
She doesn't sleep at night,
Just to see you walk in the door
Would make this heartache right.


Come home runaway daughter,
The road's no place to be,
We all love and miss you
Your sister, mom and me,
Take the time to get in touch,
Let us know your well,
Just to hear the sound of your voice,
Would deliver us from hell.

We didn't like your piercings,
Or when you inked that sleeve,
We didn't think our worries
Would make you want to leave,
Your boyfriends didn't treat you
The way we thought they should,
You always said they loved you
We knew they were no good.


We want to hold you in our arms,
To see your pretty smile,
We would give up everything
Pick up the phone and dial,
The time for fighting's over,
We won't make a fuss,
Come home our sweet Amy,
Get on that greyhound bus.



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