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Artist: 0dB
Artist's Description
I wasn't sure exactly what categories this would be relevant to, but I can see it being a ballady, soft hip-hop/ rap style, or even a freestyle. It may even work better as a poem. Either way, I'm sure there's a beat (and a singer) out there who could give it a home.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Hip-hop/Rap, General Hip Hop, General Rap
Mood(s): Flowing, Introspective, Optimistic, Positive, Thoughtful
Style(s): Ballad, Friendship, Humanity, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00


By 0dB
Intro (spoken)
What are friends?
They can be many things, present themselves in different guises.
But true friends, real friends, they don't come along too often.

Verse 1
Friends are not the people who live in your computer,
The ones you have thousands of, who don't give a damn about you,
Friends don't discourage, or say that they mind,
Shouldn't judge, talk behind your back, or try to rob you blind.
Friends don't take offence when you ain't spoken in a while,
First to let you know when you been livin' in denial,
First to point out your life has spun outta control,
Second-to-none when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Friends are the one's who will come around,
they're the one's who'll lift you off the ground,
they'll be there knocking at your door,
they won't let you fall to pieces no more.

Verse 2
Friends give comfort and offer counsel for no cash,
There for you when you been thrown outside like trash,
When situations end up with you feeling down in the dumps,
And when in life your cards ain't been turning many trumps,
Friends'll be there to pick your ass up off the floor,
They'll help you walk and guide you right through those open doors,
They'll be there to help you find your feet, help you demon-defeat,
And when your just not feeling hungry, they'll make sure you eat,
Anytime you call on them you know that they will come,
And if it's serious they will drop everything and run,
When you're depressed, stressed, ill-at-rest,
When you're in dark moods,
When you say “fxxx this world, fxxx you, and the rest of the planets too!”
They can turn to you and say, “hey, chill – be cool,”
They don't turn around and say, “yeah, fxxx you too!”
They're just being a friend you know,
That's what friends do.

Friends, friends, good for the soul,
Good for the spirit and good overall.
They're the one's who will break your fall.


Verse 3
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
Your best friends won't befriend,
They'll help you recover, get better and mend,
A best friend is always friendly: what you get is what you see,
If they were life's music they'd help you choose and stay in the right key,
Friends like that are hard to find – yeah –
Friends like that are hard to come by.
So when you look up at the sky and all you see are fading stars
Just take a second to remember who your true friends really are.



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