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Breathe me in

Artist: Damian
Artist's Description
Inspired by passionate relationship of two very different characters.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B
Mood(s): Confident, Flowing, Playful, Romantic
Style(s): Heartbreak, Nostalgic, Sex
Language(s): English

Breathe me in

By Damian
breathe me in so deeply if you dare
hear me completely if you’re there
heal me from weakness if you care
lost me in this fxxxin love affair
awake my flair and be aware
I'm always there oh yes I swear
would You have some love to spare
let me know
maybe piece of life to share
Lady I declare
You’ll feel my loving everywhere
Let it blow your scare
and prepare
have you ever walked on air ?
have you ever been nowhere?
Look for your essence in my eyes
Realise us, I say no lies

Staring at your picture on my phone
Its says: Im not just a flesh and bone
Love me as a whole don’t try to own
Before You do so I’ll be forever gone

This is how it is, french kiss, full lips
Join me in my Life of ease
I'm pleased and blessed
I suggest
we leave this bedroom slightly messed
At best have rest before another quest
and You know my loving
And if You don't, you don't know loving

Ask me for a favour, dress like a raver
taste my flavor, misbehave now
we’ve lost count indeed, count on me
You make love to D. can’t disagree
Suddenly hey it’s me, no caller ID
Calling me a liar openly


Now you’re afraid of loving me
Fade us away into past I can see
Losing composure, let me be
Every breath on the streets of Paris


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