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Artist: Angel K
Artist's Description
This is a song that talks about realizing you need someone in your life

Genre(s): Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Confident, Determined, Energetic, Upbeat
Style(s): Western
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00


By Angel K
Verse one: Your love is driving me crazy
I don't act like this
I see you coming out of that Mercedes
coming towards me
When we touch, the feeling is electric
boy you got me hooked
I'm lost in you, I don't need no saving
Just hold me close
Bridge: You're so amazing
The fire is blazing
' I'm surrounded by your heat
Chorus: I've never met anyone
quite like you
I've never fallen hard
for anyone like I have for you
I've never experienced
a love like yours
To be honest
you're a must-have
Verse Two: More of you is what i'm craving
Come close to me
When you're near I start misbehaving
do you understand
It's your name that I am engraving
deep down in my soul
come to me, don't keep me waiting
need you by my side


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