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Artist: Jenithra
Artist's Description
These lyrics tells of the path of the believer, and the hope of knowing that all is well in knowing God is always available in times of need

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, General Christian
Mood(s): Confident, Joyous, Optimistic
Style(s): Inspirational/Christian, Peace
Language(s): English


By Jenithra
There are days when I feel so alone
That in my mind I’d imagine that I’m with someone
Who will always be there for me
There has been times that I felt so discouraged
When everything that I tried to do fell apart
And I just felt like crying
That’s when I reached out to the Father up above
And He gave me the courage to go on
And all my loneliness would vanish
He’d give me strength to carry on

When He delivered me like that
And He blessed me like this
AndHe forgave all my sins; He’s so wonderful to me
When He upholds me like that
And He regards me like this
I just have to admit that He really do cares for me

He really does care for me
He really does care
In those moments of gold
With His expressions of love
In the way He saved me by His grace
And He blessed me from above
He gave me days of endless pleasure
He gave me hope and joy and peace and love
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; when You accept me like that
And you heals me like this
I am so comforted by Your love
There’s nothing better
I’ll always praise You my King
To You my all I will bring
And to You I’ll give glory as long as I live
And if You help me my King
For You my life I will live
And I will reverence Your name for as long as I live
You’re my King; You’re my King

Written and Composed by Jenipher Petra (2000)


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