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The Strongest Man

Artist: Kirby Murphy
Artist's Description
Great song I wrote while homeless

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious, Church
Mood(s): Confused, Complex
Style(s): Gospel Hour
Language(s): English

The Strongest Man

By Kirby Murphy
The Strongest Man
Kirby Murphy © 2017

(Verse 1)
How have you been my friend
Well im not doing great
I can tell you look like hell
Wearing that look upon your face

(Verse 2)
Do you need something to eat
Under the bridge that where you sleep?
Use to be so strong old man now im weak
This life your living son hits my heart so deep

You sing like you was an angel
The lovely voice of some young stranger
Old man if no one listens
I wont try and understand
For i am
The strongest man
The strongest man

(Verse 3)
Your one hell of a man tho i must say
Seen you walking round town past 3 days
That sir takes a whole lot of strength
The distance ive traveled is such a marvelous length

(Repeat Chorus)


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