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Think About That

Artist: Kirby Murphy
Artist's Description
Think twice before walking away!

Genre(s): Country, Pop
Mood(s): Confused, Dramatic, Technical
Style(s): Heartbreak, Story
Language(s): English

Think About That

By Kirby Murphy
Think About That
Kirby Murphy © 2017

(Verse 1)
You can leave
I wont stop you
Cant you see
What it will cost you

(Verse 2)
Im that man you'll miss
Come three in the morning
Craving that kiss
While the tears start pouring

(Verse 3)
The guy that you hate
Yet love like no other
One that got away
Best. Damn lover

(Chorus x2)
Once you make it final you cant go back
Baby think about that

(Verse 4)
The man who accepcted all the flaws
And all your imperfections
The number so badly you want to call
The one you want to teach a lesson

(Verse 5)
The needle that sewed that broken heart
One whos here when nobody wasnt
When it was left torn apart
I know this must mean atlest somethin

(Repeat chorus x2)


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