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Please Hold Me Longer

Artist: NickyVKuliKov
Artist's Description
It’s about society bring us down to its level stand up be your on you be a leader.

Genre(s): Pop, General Hip Hop, General Rap, General Pop, Teen Pop
Mood(s): Anthemic, Bright, Confident, Determined, Easy, Epic, Fast, Flowing, Industrial, Light, Peaceful, Positive, Simple, Upbeat
Style(s): Inspirational, Motivational, Peace, Story
Language(s): English
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Please Hold Me Longer

By NickyVKuliKov
[Verse 1 & 2]
I woke to the greatest thing next to me I thought I’d surely thought I had lost my mind, but looking at her Woah ---> If only everyone could see what I see in you
Baby all I know is hatred and pain but when I see you it turns my world upside down it's truly an amazing feeling.
(Ohhh baby please hold me longer!)

[Verse 3]
Whenever I say please hold me longer you’ve been there making sacrifices but what do you get in return? Baby I put you into so much you always manage to come out stronger I am astonished and scream out
(Ohhh baby please hold me longer!)

[Verse 4 Hip-Hop/Rap]
It’s like I said if everyone could see you like I do Maann the world would different so many people like you each and every day struggling to continue on but yet we don't see it we just judge them on whatever makes us feel better. Dam society trying to bring us down but that's when I look at you and scream out. (Ohhh baby please hold me longer!)
(Please ohhh baby hold me longer!)


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