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Do you dare to look back?

Artist: Gacon & Lawrence
Artist's Description
Enchanted by Bowie, driven by Dylan. Inspired by all unknown poets. My lyrics are a message if you want a slingshot to the heart. Genre leans to folk and country music rock.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Art-Folk, Traditional Country, Traditional Folk, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Hypnotic, Magical, Simple
Style(s): Friendship, Humanity, Inspirational/Christian, Seventies (1970s)
Language(s): English
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Do you dare to look back?

By Gacon & Lawrence
Do you dare to look back
At the valley's that you've been
To the passed covered places
To the memory's unseen?

Does your heart force remembrance
Or do you forget
The places you've been
Or the one you just left

Do you dare to look back
At the bootprints you made
Or did you cover up
Those prints that you laid?

Did you leave someone locked
In the Castle of Doubt?
Taking the key
So they never got out


Do you dare to look back
Dare to look back
I dare you look at me
And look back

Did you save noble maiden's
A creature or two?
Did you get recognition
Did they award you?

Who were you then
And who are you now
Do you dare to look darkly
In a glass with no cloud?

Was the load just too heavy
Did it all get too much?
You just couldnt take it
You got a retouch

So you just change your mask
Like you just change your clothes
And who we are dealing with
Nobody knows.

What lies beneath
And what lies within?
Someone's gotta tell you
Cos its just wearing thin.

No one has room
Cos you take all the space
Like you think you're Gods gift
To the human race.

Change the act now
You want me to dare
Go to your closet
Get something to wear
You love me today
But hate me tomorrow
How is that love
When you dish so much sorrow?

Friends dont really get
Why you sling all those shots
Your face a reminder
Of the last one they got

Like a hot cup of coffee
Thrown in your face
The words sharp as arrows
No filter you make

You sit there pretending
Like you don't really care
But aren't those your bootprints
You just made over there?

You say folk should treat you
The way you treat them
But you have nobody
Cos you're nobodys friend.

I see who you are
All your colours ablaze
But who really cares
About your parade?

Why don't you just drop it
Just quit this act now
Get off the stage
Cos reviews have come out

We all see your sideshow
Its just been confirmed
Cos the true script you had
You never did learn.

Do you dare to look back
Dare to look back
I dare you look at me
And look back.

Lyrics copyright
Do you dare to look back ( I
dare you)

Heart message. To all best friends who are lost to the wind (but need telling to save them because you love them enough to tell them the truth. AND some people need telling)

A 'you're. so vain' genre song with a slingshot that never misses. Straight to the heart.


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