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Everything but not my Everything

Artist: King Solo
Artist's Description
Difficulty in telling your lady that you need to leave her to fulfill your dreams, which she won't fit in.

Genre(s): R-n-B, General R-n-B, Soul
Mood(s): Complex, Dramatic, Sad, Tension
Style(s): Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Standard License:$60.00

Everything but not my Everything

By King Solo

You got everything
But not my everything
Can be another mans everything
For me something is missing

It is not you
It is me
I'm sorry about the cliche
Consider me a fool
If I van not see
I have a good girl with me
You are my ride and die
You showed that during the hard times
You are my ride and die
Loved me during my fall and rise
You are my ride and die
Tolerated all the shenanigans
it hurts to let go of my ride and die
Its crazy to do this to you


My reasons sound silly
But this has been a long time feeling
I need to live life on the edge
No time for a long term relationship
Recently we can not relate
I feel I need more
Your comfortable with the simple life
There is still so much for me to explore
You don't want that
I know there is no stability in that
So I can not have you worrying
Just know I still love you
But this is my goodbye and and a tearful thank you


I can't blame you if you hate me
i hope you don't


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