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Found in light

Artist: Ovosium
Artist's Description
This is a track I wrote that had a lot of heartfelt emotion. It's about finding someone who releases you from all expectation & takes your dreams beyond your conception. I hope you enjoy.

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance, Soundtrack
Mood(s): Dramatic, Dreamy, Epic, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Desire, Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): NONE
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Standard License:$80.00

Found in light

By Ovosium
The voices in my head,
Keep on telling me to look for light,
To keep on reaching through the darkness,
These voices echo in my mind,

When i'm found,
I'm laying footprints on a golden shore,
With no fears, I'm proud,
I'm looking back at where I stood before,
I'm sure in my mind,
That the wings of angels wiped away my tears,
Those voices inside,
Gave me strength to make me find you here,

Now the voices in my head,
Keep on drawing me towards your light,
They keep on telling me that I've found home,
& you keep proving them that they're right,

Now I'm found,
Were making footprints on a golden shore,
Our fears now unbound,
Were looking out towards horizons shores,
I hear in my mind,
My angels whisper that they hold me dear,
My feelings inside,
Say that they recognise you now you're here,


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