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On Wolf's Hawl

Artist: Natasha Toolate
Artist's Description
This song tells a sad story of being alone in world.

Genre(s): R-n-B, General R-n-B
Mood(s): Calm, Sad, Slow, Soft
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$113.00

On Wolf's Hawl

By Natasha Toolate
Verse 1
Somebody wanted me to do a crime
I had something else to find
Changing the signs
When it's opening time
Getting back your memory
Plain and simple
Getting real
There's nothing here
I can hope and dream without missing a thing
Something to tell
Don't need to yell
People are doing well
Piecing out the problem
Having no harm done
Nothing wrong here
Writing out my tears
Eating away my fears
Angry about the swallowed
A person gets hallow
People get shallow
On a wolf's hawl
Verse 2
Wishing to go home
While walking alone
Having no money or a phone
Trying to make it on your own
Crushed by the pain
It ran through your brain
Being hurt inside your mind
Waiting for the right time
As it flies, I begin to cry
Verse 3
Scared out of my senses
Building walled fences
Going in defenses
Closing my mouth
Remembering how
Catching what it's about
There's no need to shout
Holding nothing
Wanting something
Having hope to cope


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