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Love Discovered

Artist: Lyricistographer
Artist's Description
Pop/Rock, Pop/Country song. Sam Smith, Luke Bryan, to Justin Bieber

Genre(s): Country, Pop, Contemporary Country, Acoustic Pop, General Pop
Mood(s): Innocent, Romantic
Style(s): Ballad, Dramatic Soundtrack, Inspirational, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$73.00

Love Discovered

By Lyricistographer
Verse 1

Once upon a time
Love is just a fairy tale
Love is not for sale
It holds and protects you
Let you see the light
what tomorrow brings

Verse 2

Is this what they sing
love where love’s not found
where kindness echoes 
in the darkest place I know
You lift me off the ground 
You turn me around


You take me to a place
I have never seen 
You break down my walls
You took my hands
stood by me on desert sands
where silence sounds like thunder
where love I discovered

Verse 3

On broken wings he flies
in a world he is forsaken
shot down from the sky
a rare bird has fallen 
there he's left to die

Verse 4

Kissed for the first time 
he opens his eyes
feels a breath on his face
his wings take flight
he is flying high
with you by his side


There’s a tune now he sings
love where love’s not found
stronger than thunder
love is love discovered


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