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Artist: TheRabbit
Artist's Description
You must pay me if you use my music

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Emo, Pop-Punk, Grunge
Mood(s): Bouncy, Bright, Cool, Complex, Determined, Disturbing, Forgiveness, Heavy, Haunting, Hypnotic, Light, Lively, Magical, Peaceful, Playful, Proud, Relaxed, Revenge, Romantic, Strange, Thoughtful
Style(s): Action Adventure, Comedy, Confusion, Druggy
Language(s): English


By TheRabbit
I look into the night fighting the pain waiting for the morning sun/
only the light can help with the fight to help me hide from shadows that haunt my mind
is the sunshine that blinds the monsters from hunting me down/
I want it to go away and stay out of my life/ this is my curse to bare
not your it is my fight to win or lose yet I am venerable in the night that is when the shadow blends in with my
surroundings I can no longer see it outlined as I do when the sunshine's.
I go into the world with my shadow always fallowing me reminding me I have to fight my monsters every day/
I walk in the light of the sun as it is about to soon go leaving me in the world alone with my shadow to fight my
curse I bare alone only to get peace when the morning comes/
alone I walk with my shadow to face my demons another day as I sleep I shall not give in to the foul worlds
of my mind it is I who control my world and not the voices that tell me I will not win I toss and turn as I wish for peace/
for my sanity to return one day as I awake/ I see my shadow waiting for me to face another day with my curse yet it I win day by day and
have my shadow to return stuck to me like glue the outline of me to be there to remind me I have a battle to win one day to face the monsters in my mind
to survive the night and sleep in peace able to face the light with no worry in my mind


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