Copyright Protection

In addition to all the other benefits of Songbay membership, songwriters and lyricists receive full Copyright Protection on all uploaded music and lyrics. Many songwriters use Songbay exclusively for our free copyright registration and protection service.

The moment a song or lyric is performed publicly, is broadcast or published in any way, it can be copied by anyone. A question we're often asked, "What if someone decides to plagiarise or copy my work and pass it off as their own?"
Here's the answer:
The moment a song or lyric is created, the composer or author automatically owns the copyright. As is the case with any online advertising or public performance, there is always a risk that material can be copied or used without permission. Copyright registration and protection forms the backbone of our service and is why so many professional songwriters use us.
Copyright law across the world states that in any legal dispute, you must be able to prove that you are the original author of a piece of work. To do this, you need to be able to prove that your work predates any other copy. Songbay allows you to do this. Once you have uploaded your music and lyrics, they are stored securely in the 'Songbay vault'. Each uploaded is given a unique digital reference, encrypted, and time and date stamped. We then give our songwriters a comprehensive copyright registration service and issue copyright certificates for each upload .
In the unlikely event of any case of copyright infringement, i.e., if your work is used without permission or has been plagiarised , you are protected. Your Songbay copyright registration will prove evidence of existence and ownership. Additionally, we will gladly forward our records to your legal representative and provide you with a written affidavit confirming details of the copyright registration. Most companies charge for copyright registration, (around $15 per song/lyric), we provide this
free of charge for you at Songbay!

You are covered by International copyright law. The punishment for any infringement is serious. Fines are astronomically high, often leading to bankruptcy for those found guilty, with huge payouts to the copyright holders.

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