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  • Cure

    By Lemme

    You're a laughter haven
    You make me laugh, all times
    You're the best laughter pill, I will use it for life
    I need you absolutely, and you know it
    I don't ever want to lose you
    I'm addicted to yor energy
    She's my cure, so pure
    So beautiful and attractive
    She's such an entrancing girl
    And wit...
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  • I belonged

    By Michelle Morris

    I was no longer afraid -
    For the first time
    I belonged.
    I felt safe.
    I felt strong.
    And I belonged,
    With you in my arms...

    Secure in love;
    Secure in faith;
    Secure in hope;
    Secure in my frailty...

    That I could do anything -
    Conquer any foe;
    You would always be by my side;
    Wherever I might go;
    Wherever I might g...
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  • Outta Space Bars

    By Kevin G

    You know I spit dope got them farting and shit.
    I'm outta space with the martians and shit.
    Bud and the booth that's my medicine kit.
    I'm fxxxing ha mind I don't care if I hit.
    fxxx who you want Bae I swear I want trip.
    I don't got time I got money to flip.
    Gimme some beats and it's verses I rip.
    I'm dripping with sauce come n...
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    Verse 1:
    Is this conversation
    I’m still not sure.
    Words to fill the time in
    but it’s analytically obscure.
    Like delicate china
    for decorational use
    Keep it on display but never touch
    never show it in the sunlight to get judged
    neither of us ever says anything much.

    Du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du.
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  • No easy relation to hardship

    By DC

    Flicking cash inbetween my finger tips
    Got a paper cut
    Now there'r blood on the trigger
    In this section
    Bitches and snitches stationed at my side
    Though my holster can become empty at any time
    A red note if you're try'na clean my spot
    Cause the only thing thats going to slip through
    Is my dick wet
    With no glove
    As I payed f...
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