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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Becky Lucht
A good life so far
A Voice and guitar
Lord you’ve given me all that I need
love of my life
Now Husband and wife
Lord you’ve given me all that I need
When my work is done
Or thy kingdom come
I will be your grateful
good and faithful one
Lord you’ve given me all that I need
. . .
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By Matias M
That jerk of Ivan told me you
were gonna break my heart in 2.
I never expected that from you,
but that's exactly what you do.
Tease me and trick me inside out
that's all you go about,
when I said you wouldn't let me down
you cleared out all my doubts.
You say you don't love me
'cause I'm not that hottie
but last night I got ya so horny.
. . .
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By Patrick Cooney
Carolyn you're wonderful
And your aura is so vast
Though I may seem a bit dull
My love for you is steadfast
I thank the Lord for you
Though I'm a bit worse for wear
Each day is brand new
And each day I say a prayer
Cause you're the one
I believe in you
But there's not much
. . .
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By Hunt
A poke a pull a sip
A handle a pint a nip
Shots shots line em up
Shots shots fill your cup
Shots shots shoot em down
Shots shots another round
They may be small but they pack a punch
A nice appetizer for your 3 beer lunch
Its Your best bet if you dont have much time
A few of them will have you feeling fine
my favorite shot is the fireball
. . .
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By Lee Spadez
Pre-dispositioned from birth, yes they know where it hurts. Constitutional rights, but we don't know how they work. Insinuating ourselves, right along with the wolves. Potential threat to the state? Divert left on the fork. Breaking barriers only making things scarier. Martial law for those whom seek to carry on like Berbers. Our babies are being murdered. Offered off to the slaughter. Pulmonary cries ignored due to court order. Our only real identity is that 9 digit FOIR. Ever wonder why you see lightning before hearing thunder? There's a shadow government that's working undercover. That's why when niggas start coming home, they breaking bones. Black face off and you still gone see a nigger. So gon put your bujoir pinky finger down NIGGER. Because at the end of the day, there's only 24HRS, and they be damned if they lose any money because of skin color.
X2. Mr big body protagonist, twitter me this. Why isn't the signing of the E.Proclamation on the holiday list? You mean to tell me politics is more concerned with a dick? turning sick men into a crossdressing bitch? So much social tension because of all this psycho-sexual shit. We can't get along because male Domina is imitated. Femocracy is a mockery, witchcraft at its highest sorcery. An insult to intelligent Democracy. Do we even still have privacy?? Effectively, banks have seized all of our equity. Physical tender is now crypto-currency. No emergency ...(pause)....
Because If there were, they'd come do what they do best. And it ain't no secret that they set up Pearl Harbor and 9/11 like semtex. The same kats with batons and blue vest. Be the ones that KLIT KLAT before they serve and protect.
. . .
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By Rusty Lashinske
I see the leaves, they struggle there, to just hang on, trees almost bare
The cooler air, its coming back, summers gone, time to pack
I miss this place, when I can’t stay, here by the lake, warm sunny day
Winter its close, so tie it down, just can’t stay here, head back to town

Winter, I don’t want it, I don’t like it, just make it go away
Winter, it’s too cold, I’ve been told, just want to stay away
Winter, it’s all snowy white, the cold it takes a bite, I have to cover up
Winter, don’t linger here too long, wish it would hurry up, hot chocolate in a cup

. . .
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By sum girl
I keep falling in love with the wrong people
I keep falling, I keep falling
I keep falling in love with the wrong people
I keep falling, keep on falling
I keep on falling, every time - I’m stumbling
into the same mess, I tried to stay out of it
I strive to stay humble, but I thrive on arrogance
no other excuse to describe how unprepared I was
lacking the foresight, I jumped all in
explored my intuition, before I had a vision
clear as day, that betrayed everything I knew about you
. . .
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By Ash Taylor
In my land
After many days
Realized who I am, what I am
Voices in my head
That push me to the edge
And voices in my head
That keeping me on the edge
Temptation that whispers in my ears
Fear of standing on the edge
And, fear of jumping from the edge
. . .
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By A&R songwriting
verse 1
Temperatures are rising
Fires are a flame
You know things are changing
They’ll never be the same.
Fossil fuels are burning
Carbon fills the air
Ignore it at your peril
Pretend you don’t care
What planet are you on?
. . .
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Antisocial how I always be
Antisocial with anxiety
I ain't chose this life this but this life chose me
I still got some control of me
I guess I'm anti-social by choice (x2)
I guess I’m

I don't really care bout where the party at
In the studio is where you can find shawty at
. . .
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