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Major Upgrade arriving Oct 2012 allowing Lyric, Sample and Copyright Sales! Details

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What is Songbay?

  • Songbay is a completely unique market place for the trading of Music and Lyrics.

    Anyone with an interest in sourcing, licensing, buying or selling music or lyrics should use Songbay. It brings everyone together under one roof.

    Here are some examples of music available for sale from the Songbay music library:

    If you would like to start trading your music or Lyrics on Songbay, simply register a free account with us and follow the simple step by step instructions. You can start trading within minutes!

    Video Demonstrations of Songbay in Action:     
  • Sell Music and Lyrics

    As a Songwriter or Lyricist Songbay allows you to:

    • Grant a License to a song or lyric. For example, for use in a television advertisement or as a soundtrack to a video game.
    • Sell a song or lyric as a digital download. (Personal use license).
    • Sell sections of your songs for sample use. (As of Oct 2012) .
    • Sell the entire copyright of a song or lyric. (As of Oct 2012).
    • Be promoted on leading social networking/web sites to an audience of largely music industry professionals.
    • Receive production, arrangement and song writing advice.
    • Keep all the money you make through all of our services. (We DO NOT take any percentages of sales or royalties generated through Songbay).
  • Songbay for Music Buyers/Licensors

    It is free to search our music/lyric library. Prices for material are determined by use and duration and are automatically calculated by the pricing functionality built into Songbay. You can choose music/lyrics for a variety of uses and will be prompted to supply specific details regarding your requirements. You will then be supplied with a price and a draft contract. At this point you may either accept or decline. The process is extremely straightforward. The start to finish process can be achieved in a matter of minutes! Useful if you are TV producer looking for music for tonight's latest News feature! (For more information, please see the following video demonstration: 'How to buy songs/lyrics on Songbay').

    To summarise-as a Buyer Songbay allows you to:

    • Gain access to an enormous selection of pre-cleared 'multi use' original music and lyrics.
    • Search and find music of absolutely every genre and language.
    • Purchase music usage licenses for absolutely every scenario, e.g., a Feature Film, TV commercial, corporate presentation, or Internet podcast.
    • Purchase the copyright to songs giving you resale rights.
    • Purchase digital downloads (Both music and Lyrics).
    • Communicate your requirements directly to songwriters.
    • Be introduced to world class composers.
    • Find songwriters who can write custom music for you.
    • Take control of your own music usage requirements.

    Further details on fees for purchasing music and lyrics can be found here: Music and Lyric purchase fees at Songbay
  • What Can You Do at Songbay?

    Music Licensing

    High quality music is available to license from the Songbay music library. The library is visible to people wishing to source material for their productions, e.g. musical supervisors, directors, film producers, advertising planners, A&R executives, management companies, small business owners, photographers, online businesses.

    We have set up the Songbay library so that buyers can source, license or purchase music and lyrics quickly and efficiently. Precise categorisation, clever search functionality and auto pricing make it a breeze to grant or purchase 'multi -use' licenses for every conceivable context, e.g. for use in a TV or radio commercial or as a soundtrack to a film, in a video game or at a live event. We have every scenario covered and clear pricing is automatically generated for each use. We take absolutely no percentage of any licensing fee or subsequent performance royalty. Songbay even creates relevant legal contracts at the point of sale. (Free of charge).

    As well as browsing our licensing catalogue to source music, buyers can communicate their requirements directly to our songwriters and lyricists. For example: a TV producer searching the Songbay licensing library for specific film music may come across an artist whose music, lyrics or writing style they like. Using our functionality, the producer can contact the artist directly and send a specific 'scene brief' to them or make informal contact to pay them a compliment or even suggest collaboration on a future project. Whatever the scenario, we are always keen for songwriters and song buyers to communicate with each other as much as possible.

    All music on the Songbay catalogue is 'pre-cleared'- free from publishing restrictions. Usage fees are determined instantly without the need for protracted negotiations. From a TV producer's perspective, we fully appreciate that you do not have time to enter into lengthy negotiations, or have to hang around waiting to hear back from somebody for usage approval. You might need to synchronise music for a Commercial or News show in a matter of hours; Songbay makes this possible. Our multiple use licenses make it a breeze to search then purchase music for use in a wide range of contexts. The process from search to completed contract can be achieved in a matter of minutes!

    If you need extra help, we are always on hand to source the perfect soundtrack for you. We have vast professional experience of song writing and can always source music for any context.

    Songbay has world class songwriters and lyricists on its books of all musical genres. Including Grammy award-winning producers, writers with 'Top 20' chart success in the US & UK and composers of major film and television themes.

    We have every genre of music to License or Buy from Renaissance Classical to Dubstep!

    Digital Downloads

    In addition to multi use licenses, users can choose to sell or buy music and lyrics as a digital download (known as 'Personal use licenses'). As with all other Songbay services, we allow our artists to keep the entire sale fee from their digital downloads.

    Sample Sales **coming soon**

    Even the trading of sections of songs (known as 'samples' will be available from October 2012).

    Copyright-exchange Sales **coming soon**

    The trading of entire copyrights to Songs and Lyrics will be available from October 2012.

  • Music Listing/Searching

    Our clever categorisation and specific search functionality makes it easy to bring all parties together; sellers can list and buyers can search material using dozens of simultaneous criteria. These are just a few. By:

    • Type of work (Song, orchestral work, musical arrangement, backing track, etc).
    • Musical genre/style
    • Tempo
    • Key
    • Duration
    • Instrumentation
    • Mood
    • Language
    • Subject/context
    • In the style of...

    Buyers can search, preview, then purchase material quickly and efficiently. Songbay even creates relevant legal contracts at the point of sale. (For more information on searching and buying material, please see the following video demonstration: 'How to buy songs/lyrics on Songbay').

  • Music Business Contacts and Opportunities. The absolute 'who's who'!

    We have assembled an absolutely enormous data base of essential worldwide music Industry contacts, e.g., of musical supervisors, A&R Personnel, producers , engineers, management companies. (See examples)

    With many of the listings we have even include staff names and their notable projects. This will help our artists to find possible matches (outlets) for their music.

    We supply our artists with these highly specific directories:

    • Directory of Music Supervisors
    • Directory of Advertising Agencies
    • Directory of Film and TV Companies
    • Directory of Games Companies
    • Directory of Music Libraries/Music Licensing companies
    • Directory of Music Publishers
    • Directory of Record Companies

    We also include links to companies and music services who we consider to be useful, e.g., management companies, advertising executives, promoters, radio air time pluggers, radio stations, live music venues and songwriting competitions.

    We have spent a great deal of time assembling these contacts so that out artists can focus on what they know best - writing music! We update the information regularly; it is an invaluable resource for getting music into the right hands. (We supply these directories without charge to all our artists on the Songbay 'professional' subscription package).

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no charge to search the Songbay library. Fees for purchasing material are determined by use and duration. If you would like to purchase or are interested in selling your music or lyrics here at Songbay, please visit the following link: 'Prices'

  • Production and Arrangement advice **coming soon**

    Songwriters can decide to have their music analysed and critiqued by our 'in-house' team of experienced songwriters who have written for Film, TV an advertising companies around the world. Artists can receive advice on arrangement restructuring, melodic and harmonic revisions as well as alternative production options.

    Free Legal Contracts

    Songbay provides FREE auto-completed contracts between seller and buyer for licensing and copyright sales.

  • Promotion

    Songbay helps artists to promote their music and lyrics. The moment material is submitted to our library it becomes highly visible. To further promote our artist's work, we make extensive use of social networking connections. We let people know about the work of our artists via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, the Songbay News Blog and other websites with links to the music industry. We do everything we can to get the work of our artists to people who might be interested!

    Further Promotion

    Songbay users can choose to have an 'Artist Profile Area'. This is a really useful promotional tool for career development and networking. The area can be used to add biography, concert, fan club and tour date information, as well as links to videos, music or any other artist websites including: i-TUNES, AMAZON, SOUNDCLOUD, REVERBNATION, YOUTUBE, LINKDIN, MIXCLOUD, MYSPACE, GOOGLE+, LAST FM, GROOVESHARK, TUMBLR.

  • Who is Songbay?

    The company is run by a team of dynamic music industry specialists with experience of live session performance, music composition, management, marketing and law.

    The team has a collective of CVs covering film, stage, television, live performances (with stars of the jazz and pop world), performances in major musical theatre productions, performances with world leading symphony orchestras, and the management/promotion of numerous solo artists and bands.

    Over many years the team have acquired close links with record companies, publishing, management and advertising companies, producers, musical directors, musical contractors, musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers, lyricists, DJs, poets, sound and lighting companies and the general public. To put it simply, the team genuinely know the industry extremely well!

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